Diary and Poultry Farms

Van der Ploeg International

Europaplein 30-S
8916 HH Leeuwarden
The Netherlands


Van der Ploeg International BV is one of the leading European companies in setting up complete dairy and poultry farms specially designed for the local climate conditions

Van der Ploeg’s expertise covers the whole field of dairy and poultry farming. Starting with the delivery of high-yielding pedigree cattle as well as parent stock for chicken, they extend their services to the delivery of stable equipment, ventilation equipment, slaughterhouses, feed mills and above all specialized management and on-the-job training to bring the client’s management and staff up to date in modern dairy and poultry techniques.

Van der Ploeg International developed their own brand for the milking equipment named: DUTCHLAC, equipped with heavy galvanized stalling equipment integrated with the most advanced software. Furthermore modern milk processing plants are installed to process the raw milk into different kind of dairy products.

Van der Ploeg International is designing the projects in such a way that they are animal friendly, easy to manage and to have a long lifetime.