Silo Storage

Top Silo Constructions

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The Netherlands


Top Silo Constructions is a silo supplier and has been focusing on the design and construction of rectangular steel silo installations.

The advantages of a square silo are:

  • 25% more storage capacity compared to round > save space
  • The modular construction with variable bin sizes enables you to store different products and qualities in different quantities at the same time at the same place.
  • Integrate square silos seamless in your factory and build around your process. Think about drying, milling, pelleting, mixing, dosing, bulk outloading, refining, coating cleaning and bagging.
  • Square silos can be constructive part of your building. There is no separate building required. Machine floors, stairways and cladding can be connected directly to the silo.

As a square silo manufacturer TSC has completed numerous projects around the world. These products prove TSC’s knowledge in the area of bulk and solids storage, day in day out.