Water and Information Management

HKV Consultants

Botter 11-29
8232 JN Lelystad
The Netherlands

HKV is an independent consultancy firm founded in 1995 that provides research, consultancy services and products in water management and risk analysis. HKV bases their work on a thorough knowledge of physics, mathematics and decision-making processes for our clients. They provide services in close cooperation with their customers, but also with universities and research institutions.

The scope of work covers most aspects of water and safety including:

  • Drought and flood risk analyses
  • Disaster management and evacuation plans.
  • Research of rivers and estuarine systems;
  • High-water analyses for regional water systems;
  • Flood forecasting, management and control;
  • Water resources assessment.

HKV is especially experienced in hydrological and hydraulic models that can be used to assess and forecast surface water availability, information useful to optimize water use in agricultural applications. HKV develops their own software including apps and tailored web pages that can present this information and support the farming process. As an example: HKV recently developed a flood forecasting system for the Romanian section of the Danube River.

HKV carries out projects throughout Romania since 2006 and has an excellent network in Romania including companies, institutes and governments that are active in the field of water management.