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Soil research & monitoring
On the hand of the BemestingsWijzer (FertilisationGuide) cultivators can work on the improvement of the soil quality, the yield of the crop and anticipate with the increasingly stringent (European) fertilisation standards for a period of 4 years. BemestingsWijzer provides insight into the chemical, physiological and biological soil characteristics. The organic substance balance, structure triangle and regional averages are tools used for this purpose.

Fertilisation with main and side track elements
The advice is crop directed, while the user standards are more at company level. Whether application of the crop advice leads to bottlenecks in the company strongly depends on the building plan composition, the chosen fertilizer and the application method. According to the user standards it is required to use nitrogen and phosphate as efficiently as possible.

Eurofins Agro is a hub for Dutch agricultural knowledge and reliable analyses.

The combination of this agricultural knowledge and analyses makes Eurofins Agro an innovating source of information for farmers who strive after production guarantee and yield improvement. For this purpose Eurofins offers worldwide sample taking, analysis and information products through its own branches and/or a global network of affiliated companies

Eurofins Agro offers:

  • Prospect on yield improvements through practical operational advice
  • Security, through analyses and professional sample taking
  • Administrative convenience, through cooperation with thirds and application of innovative technologies

Eurofins Agro focuses on the following areas:

  • Fertilisation
  • Food value
  • Soil health
  • Crop health
  • Food safety

A treasure of knowledge and skills has been built up in the area of sample taking, analysis and the provision of agricultural advice. A unique basis for providing individual agricultural entrepreneurs with information also in the future, so that they can improve production and reduce costs. For this purpose approximately 500.000 samples are examined each year, and provided with advice were possible should the customer desire such. Eurofins Agro already has branches or cooperations in many countries. An international network that will be further developed. This makes Eurofins Agro an organisation which is internationally active in all the sections of the agricultural world.

Quality and Accreditations
For the purpose of sample taking and analysis, Eurofins Agro is provided with a quality system meeting the international guidelines of NEN-EN-ISO 17025. This has been established by the Accreditation Council. The accreditation number for sample taking as well as for analysis is L122. In this way Eurofins Agro gives an independent guarantee with regard to the reliability of its results.

The accreditation is a prerequisite for performing a number of researches required by regulations, including those in the scope of the Fertilizers Act. (Fertilizer-MINAS, P-flexible standards, derogation).

The FertilizerMonitor (BemestingsMonitor) consists of three components:

The FertilizerMonitor BODEM is used to examine the fertility of the soil of parcels. Soil fertility forms the basis of the yield. The research provides insight into the production capacity of the soil and how it can be improved with repair fertilization. Eurofins Agro takes a soil sample once per rotation. The report provides insight into the soil stock and a wide range of nutriments. The report also provides insight into soil life, soil physical key indicators, texture, content of organic material, calcium content, cation exchange capacity (CEC) and pH.

Proper fertilizing is an art. FertilizerMonitor TEELT gives a crop directed fertilizer advice. In this way the crop is given exactly what it needs for the coming season. The soil sample is taken just before the cultivation season. The farm manager indicates what crop will be on the parcel during the coming season. Eurofins Agro immediately translates the results into a fertilizing advice.

The FertilizerMonitor CHECKmeasures once or more frequently per growing season whether the crop can actually take in sufficient nutriments for an optimal growth, yield and quality.
Draught or rain, low or high temperatures, every season is different! With CHECKonce can quickly and directly anticipate to the current situation, if this should be necessary.

The fertilizer analysis of Eurofins Agro examines:

  • Chemical, physical and biological status of the soil
  • The occurrence in the soil of nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate, dry substances, rough ash, potash, magnesium, sodium, C/N and minerals such as boron, manganese, copper, zinc, silicon, molybdenum and iron