Crop Monitoring

Difco International

Europaplein 30-S
8916 HH Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

Difco International BV is specialized in the development and management of agricultural projects in emerging market in crop production.

Difco International is a Dutch specialist in the field of SMART Farming. Difco introduced Fieldlook Crop Monitoring for SMART Farming in arable farming. Through satellites crops are weekly measured on production, nutrients and moisture and Difco developed decision support systems to help the arable farmer to make better decisions about the crops.

Difco International BV introduced Fieldlook crop monitoring in 2010 in Russia and Ukraine. Since that time Difco did several projects with o.a. Fritolay, AB Inbev, IFC, Bayer, Syngenta, Agroterra, Cherkizovo and others. Difco developed the know how to interpret the unique Fieldlook data into actions in the field. Through this know how optimum fertilizer and crop protection strategy can be chosen and adapted during the season for many crops such as sugar beets, winter wheat, barley and others.

All these technologies help you to manage your farm better, but at the end of the day it is all about people who have to do it for you. So we use technology not as a goal in its own or as the magic key but as a tool for you and your people to do a better job.

Difco promotes a practical approach in which using the opportunities and minimizing the risks is the central theme. Difco focuses on day to day management and low cost price per kg product sold. With the use of SMART farming technology such as Fieldlook crop monitoring it optimizes the production process on the clients farm.