Pumping installations, Treatment plants, Engineering

Bosman Watermanagement

Steegjesdijk 6
3265 AE Piershil
The Netherlands

Bosman Watermanagement is a specialist in the field of water management for more than eighty five years. Bosman develops high quality and unique solutions for pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants, such as concrete volute pumps, plate aerators and Fuzzy Filters.

Since 1929, Bosman Watermanagement has been active in managing water levels in the Dutch polders. The specialists of Bosman Watermanagement are continuously busy with the research and development of new products and optimizing existing products for water management and treatment. Bosman Watermanagement produces and installs pumps, complete pumping stations, pipe works, Fuzzy Filters, plate aerators and screen cleaners.

Pumping installations
One of the strengths of Bosman Watermanagement is that they design and manufacture, install as well as they maintain pumping stations and treatment plants with their own staff. The pumping systems of Bosman Watermanagement are characterized by a high quality, high efficiency, low maintenance and environmental friendly design. The pump production programm of Bosman Watermanagement covers a capacity range from 0,01 till 30 m3/s.

Treatment plants
Bosman Watermanagement has been active in the field of wastewater treatment since 1960 and manufactures, provides and assembles fine bubble aeration and filtration systems for treatment plants. Bosman Watermanagement is a serious and reliable partner in the world of wastewater treatment plants due to the successful application of plate aerators. The plate aerators can be used for new plants and renovation or enlargement of existing treatment plants. The fine bubble aeration system connects exceptional oxygen transfer efficiency to a long lifetime. During the past 25 years, Bosman Watermanagement has installed more than 10.000 plate aerators worldwide.

Engineering and project management
With an experienced and well trained staff, Bosman Watermanagement is the right partner for the engineering and realization of drainage/irrigation pumping stations and waste water treatment plants. For every situation a custom made solution is available. During and after commissioning of the installations, the operating staff of the customer can attend training by a specialist of Bosman Watermanagement.