Why Cibus

When entering new farmland markets, one of the biggest challenges is to fully understand the investment opportunities and risks, as well as finding out how to approach the local market in the optimum way. Cibus Farmland Club provides a fully integrated own-and-operate strategy by its unique agricultural investment and asset management platform. The partners have uncountable years of combined experience in modern management of sustainable farming operations and farming machinery. It implements modern precision agriculture technology and has a substantial track record in farmland brokerage and land consolidation in Romania.

All together the partners have successfully deployed over EUR 100 mio. equity capital in Romania over the past 8 years, having acquired over 40.000 hectares of prime agricultural land for its capital partners.


Cibus Farmland Club selectively accepts sales and transaction management mandates for the sale of Romanian agri-businesses. We maintain long-standing working relationships with leading law firms, auditors and banks in Romania as well as a strong network with leading decision makers in the public sector, local and international agro- businesses.

As well as identifying the most interesting regions and actual investment opportunities based on risk adjusted returns, it is equally important to be able to provide the strongest farming/management teams on the ground with whom to work.
Farming is an industry based on getting the small details correct on a day to day basis, having all the farming knowledge and experience. Regardless of the macro-trends and the agronomic conditions, there are significant differences in agricultural investment and farm performance due to differences in management quality.