Turnkey Greenhouse Solutions

Certhon Greenhouse Solutions

ABC Westland 555
2685 DG Poeldijk
The Netherlands


Certhon designs and realizes greenhouses and greenhouse installations for the international horticultural industry.

They offer both turn-key projects as specific heating, cooling, irrigation and electro technical installations, supported by a team of more than 100 specialists residing at their headquarters in Westland, the Netherlands.

Certhon bundles the know-how and experience of two well-known names in international greenhouse horticulture: Wilk van der Sande (technical installations) and Bosch Inveka (greenhouse construction). Two sister companies who have worked closely together for many years, and who became officially united under one name in 2011.

The integration of two companies under one roof was a conscious choice: a greenhouse and its technical installations are an inextricable whole. The bundling of know-how right from the start of a project offers many advantages: optimization of the project and the logistics, saving time and money. It is a methodology which guarantees the best possible end product, which meets all requirements. In turnkey projects in particular, the combination of expertise gives added value. However, Certhon is equally pleased to undertake partial processes: construction of only the greenhouse, for example, or renovation of a heating system.

The phase following completion of a horticultural project is particularly important for the return on an investment. This period is all about fine tuning all the techniques and technology. Certhon is therefore a reliable partner, also following delivery of the project.

Service and after-sales are high on their priority list. Having developed all systems themselves, their own service department has all the expertise required for 100% operational delivery of the projects they undertake. All critical processes can be monitored by them remotely. A service team is continuously available all over the world, for optimization of all processes.